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PSIQUÊ is, at the same time, a documentary about contemporary opera production in Brazil, an audiovisual version of two productions performed at Theatro São Pedro and a psychoanalysis session about the reality of art and culture in current times, with a focus on production operatic.

Documentary, opera and psychoanalysis are used by director Leonardo Brant as superimposed and complementary narrative elements in the service of the existential search for dialogue with contemporaneity and with the public of art and culture. PSIQUÊ proposes a new interpretation of the works Édipo Rei, by Igor Stravinsky and O Homem dos Crocodilos, by Arrigo Barnabé, staged simultaneously at the 2015 termporada at Theatro São Pedro, with scenic direction by Caetano Vilela and musical direction by Luiz Fernando Malheiro.


In addition to offering a new possibility of enjoying these works, PSIQUÊ proposes a reflection on the individual, art and society with testimonies by Arrigo Barnabé, Caetano Vilela, Décio Gurfinkel, Luiz Fernando Malheiro, Luiz Gê and Silvana Rea, in addition to the public who attend one of the most important opera houses in Brazil.


Directed by: Leonardo Brant

Direction of Photography: Léo Virno

Assembly: Caio Amon

Executive Production: Isabel Abduch

Realization: Instituto Pensarte

Production: Deusdará Filmes and Theatro São Pedro

Support: CPFL Cultura

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