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What is prohibited and what is allowed in today's society? What are the moral codes and ethical references that permeate attitudes, shape the contemporary citizen and build the idea of the future and coexistence in society?

The limit between pleasure and sin is explored by thinkers and common citizens invited by director Leonardo Brant to compose the film, based on a reinterpretation proposed by CPFL Cultura on the 7 deadly sins, coordinated by Leandro Karnal.

Water, in its various states and movements, is the aesthetic element of dialogue between the characters' thoughts and daily lives, faced with the dilemmas and difficulties of contemporary society, hyper-consumption, media exposure and the search for rational and help to solve the equation of life.

Prazeres & Pecados is also presented as a webseries in 7 chapters, available on YouTube and Vimeo.


Directed by: Leonardo Brant

With the collaboration of: Caio Amon
Executive Production: Claudia Taddei Leonardo Brant
Screenplay and script: Leonardo Brant
Photography: Leonardo Virno
Assembly: Caio Amon
Musical Direction: Caio Amon
Cultural Management: With Tact

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