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Before dedicating himself exclusively to audiovisual creation, Leonardo Brant worked for 20 years as a cultural researcher dedicated to investigating the relationship between culture and market.  


As a consultant, he has assisted numerous companies and organizations in the arts, culture and entertainment in institutional development; and sponsoring companies in the planning and development of cultural and sociocultural investment policies.  

As an entrepreneur, he created or helped to found numerous projects, initiatives, social organizations and private enterprises in the areas of culture and creative industries, in Brazil and abroad.  

As an author, he dedicated his literary production to cultural studies, especially the relationship between culture, State and market. His first book Mercado Cultural (ed. Scriptures, 2002), is a reference for the sector and has sold 10,000 copies in 3 editions and one reprint. He was an active agent in the construction of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity, as vice-president of the International Network for Cultural Diversity. He founded the Pensarte Institute, created and edited the Cultura e Mercado website for 15 years, and was at the forefront of numerous movements for the articulation and appreciation of culture, in Brazil and abroad. His most recent book is O Poder da Cultura (ed. Peirópolis, 2009).

With participation in some of the most important forums on culture in the world , he has already lectured in countries such as Argentina, South Africa, China, Croatia, Spain, United States, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Senegal, Kenya and Uruguay, in addition to acting throughout the national territory.

Watch TEDxESPM and other lectures by Leonardo Brant in full:

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Empreendedorismo Criativo
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DOCMAKERS | Palestra de Leonardo Brant
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