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The gray afternoon on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, boasts the most important symbols of power in contemporary society. Imposing buildings, hidden cameras, cars and rushed workers make up the ideal setting for the theme of this documentary by Leonardo Brant, made in partnership with José Sampaio.

Hate in a philosophical and historical approach, with its deepest and most striking effects on the civilizing process. Terrorism, intolerance, war and killing, in the real world and in video games, dialogue with the thoughts of Luiz Felipe Pondé, Dante Claramonte, Igor Gielow and Leandro Karnal, present in the debate series “As reasons for Hate”, promoted by CPFL Cultura.

A public intervention commanded by Graziela Mantoanelli and Maíra Vaz Valente challenges the public with the question: “Do you have Odio de Quê?”. Messages of indignation and citizen awareness intersperse and contrast the thoughts of Pondé and his guests, in perfect harmony with Richard Wagner's tetralogy of the ring, which makes up the documentary's musical score.


Directed by: Leonardo Brant and José Sampaio
Executive Production: Leonardo Brant
Production Management: Graziela Mantoanelli
Screenplay and script: Leonardo Brant
Photography: Leonardo Virno and Pedro Caldas
Editing: Gabriel Centurion and José Sampaio
Motion Graphics: StudioIntro
Image Search: Gabriel Centurion and José Sampaio
Music Research: José Antônio Branco Bernardes
Administration: Tatiane Tiago
Urban intervention: Graziela Mantoanelli and Maira Vaz Valente
Production: Anayan Moretto
Cultural Management: Brazil Music and Arts – BM&A

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