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Created from a series of lectures on feminism in Brazil and in today's world, IGUAL intends to discuss the condition of women, the stage of development of social struggles and the great challenges surrounding the topic. With the participation of Margareth Rago and Mary Del Priore, among other thinkers and activists, the film directed by Leonardo Brant brings the performance of the actress Graziela Mantoanelli to the sound of the opera Tristão e Isolda, by Richard Wagner, projecting the gender issue in her own body and in everyday life in large urban centers.

Directed by: Leonardo Brant
Executive Production: Claudia Taddei
Screenplay: Leonardo Brant
Screenplay: Carlos González Igareda and Daniel Silva
Photography Direction: Felipe Cohen
Images: Felipe Cohen and Leonardo Brant
Assembly and Finishing: Daniel Silva
Production Management: Anna Paula Paiva
Set Production: Mariana Pires
Special Participation: Graziela Mantoanelli
Studio: Core of the Arts
Production: Deusdará Films
Management: ComTato
Presentation: CPFL Institute
CPFL Energia Sponsorship
Realization: Ministry of Culture
Support: Federal Culture Incentive Law

"Nobody is born a woman: he becomes" - Simone de Beauvoir

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