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Ctrl-V  is a research documentary about the global audiovisual industry and its effects on local cultures. Part of a network action promoted by RAIA (Ibero-American Audiovisual Network) in 2009 to promote the discussion on audiovisual democracy, a moment of great effervescence for digital platforms and equipment that facilitate access to the audiovisual production process by ordinary citizens .

Made in the best DIY style (do it yourself), with a homemade digital camera without any production apparatus, such as light and sound capture, the film had the intense collaboration of professionals and activists related to the cause of cultural diversity.

With a narrative built from testimonies of great thinkers of world cinema, such as Gilles Lipovetsky, Edward Jay Epstein, Neal Gabler, Gustavo Dahl, Octavio Getino, Ismail Xavier, among others, the documentary mixes excerpts from films renowned by the Hollywood industry and helps to organize, in practice, the discussion on intellectual property and the limits of remix culture, the power of the film industry and its effects on local cultures, and the possible paths for a new audiovisual industry, based on self-representation and multi-protagonism.


Directed by Leonardo Brant,  Ctrl-V  was released in 2011 simultaneously in a movie theater (CineSesc, in São Paulo), TV (TV Cultura, on national network) and Internet (through the project's YouTube channel). Soon after, the film was screened and debated at a seminar held by the Hemispheric Institute at New York University (USA), at Arts Santa Monica, in Barcelona (Spain) and at DocMontevideo (Uruguay), among many other international forums and events. In 2013 it was the theme of a TEDxESPM lecture, held at MAM, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Directed by: Leonardo Brant

Executive Production: Fernanda Martins 

Screenplay, Screenplay, Images: Leonardo Brant 

Editing: Aion de Brito, Valdir Afonso and Ivan 13P

Production Management: Roberta Milward

Research: Fernanda Martins, Leonardo Brant

Realization: Cultural Diversity Institute

Articulation: RAIA - Ibero-American Audiovisual Network

Production: Deusdará Films 

Support: AECID - Spanish Development Cooperation Agency

Watch the full movie:

Watch the TEDxESPM about the film below:

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