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Childhood is not just a period of human life. It is a conception, an idea that changes and dialogues with each time. But what are the ethical, political, economic, technological and cultural implications of childhood in the contemporary world? The documentary AINDA É CEDOA psychoanalyst Julieta Jerusalinsky proposes a dialogue on the subject with Antonio Prata, Ilana Katz and Maria Rita Kehl, in lectures given during the Café Filosófico organized by the CPFL Institute.

Directed by: Leonardo Brant
Executive Production: Claudia Taddei
Screenplay: Leonardo Brant
Screenplay: Carlos González Igareda and Daniel Silva
Photography Direction: Felipe Cohen
Images: Felipe Cohen and Leonardo Brant
Assembly and Finishing: Daniel Silva
Production Management: Anna Paula Paiva
Set Production: Mariana Pires
Special Participation: Graziela Mantoanelli
Studio: Core of the Arts
Production: Deusdará Films
Management: ComTato
Presentation: CPFL Institute
CPFL Energia Sponsorship
Realization: Ministry of Culture
Support: Federal Culture Incentive Law

"Nobody is born a woman: he becomes" - Simone de Beauvoir

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