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The connected world offers new formats and possibilities for relationships, in addition to reconfiguring existing ones. À Distance explores paths, encounters and departures in the real life of a couple who relate at a distance and live the expectation of transposing the virtual to the real.

Contardo Calligaris and Flávio Gikovate reflect on the positives and negatives of the Internet for love relationships, for the sexual and emotional life of those who struggle to adapt to new times, and of an entire generation that is already plugged in.

Directed by Leonardo Brant and with the collaboration of Caio Amon, À Distance sets out in search of the line that separates real and fiction in contemporary life. With Gisela Dória and Matteo Bonfitto, the film has the special participation of Régis Bonvicino and Alcir Pécora.



Directed by: Leonardo Brant
Collaboration by: Caio Amon
Executive Production: Claudia Taddei and Leonardo Brant
Production Management: Graziela Mantoanelli
Screenplay: Leonardo Brant
Screenplay: Caio Amon and Leonardo Brant
Assembly and finishing: Caio Amon
Images and interviews: Leonardo Brant
Sound design and soundtrack: Caio Amon
Production Assistant: Rick Nagash
Legal advice: Cesnik Quintino e Salinas Advogados
Production: Deusdará Films
Cultural Management: With Tact

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